Friday, 9 June 2017

Sci-fi scenario generator available!

Short on inspiration?
Played all the scenarios in the rule book?
 Want to play something you haven't done before?

 This scenario generator will work with almost any miniatures rules you like to use and can be scaled from squad-to-platoon level skirmishes, all the way up to battalion sized battles and above.

 Whether you need objectives, unexpected conditions, side-objectives for specific characters or guidelines for army composition and quality, we got you covered with 11 random tables, several of which are multi-column.

 * * * * *
 Since the booklet is not system specific, it is also of some value to roleplayers interested in running a military styled scenario.
Roleplayers should take note that this will help you set up the conditions surrounding a military engagement and the troops taking part.
 You would then be able to fit it into an ongoing campaign (or build a short mini-campaign around the battle) using your normal roleplaying game system.

 * * * * *

 It can be adapted to historical, fantasy or contemporary settings with some conversion work.
Please be aware that you will need to do a bit more foot-work if purchasing for these purposes.

Grab it here

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  1. Happy post-Christmas to you and yours, Ivan! I hope you've had a great holiday. If you have time, would you mind answering a quick question for me?

    I've been thinking of buying War Story and / or this scenario generator, mainly to use in support of a post-colonial (late 50s / early 60s) solo campaign that I'm playing.

    So my question is this. I can see that War Story has a scenario generator embedded in it so it seems likely that buying this stand alone scenario generator too probably won't add much. Is that the case? Neither is exactly expensive so I'd be happy to get both if I thought there was sufficient real difference to make the additional outlay worth it.

    Hmmm, I realise that I have another question. I already mentioned that I'll be using them to support a modern (i.e. not sci-fi) campaign but I've presumed that the sci-fi scenario generation system will be readily adaptable to that. Am I right?

    All the best and happy New Year,