Thursday, 29 June 2017

Battle Mission 2 - Nightfall

Welcome to Battle Missions 2.

This will be a short series of easy-to-set-up missions that can be used to faciliate a pick-up war game.

The missions are aimed at being generic and include army building suggestions for fantasy/medieval, black powder and 20th century/scifi games.

This allows them to be used with nearly all war game rules systems out there.

Included are also example forces for a world war 2 Eastern Front scenario, letting you simply set up and play.

Brief notes will be included allowing the scenarios to be used in a campaign as well.

* * * * *

Mission 2 would be a straight-forward area control battle, if it didn't take place at night.

As you deploy your forces, you will be able to use forward elements to spearhead your force, but there's no guarantee they (or the rest of your army) will arrive to the field of battle where you intended them to!

Suggestions are included for handling night fighting in games that do not already provide rules for the situation.

Lastly, players who finished Battle Mission 1 will be able to take advantage of their victory when playing Mission 2.

Available here

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Battle Missions 1 available

Welcome to Battle Missions 1.

This will be a short series of easy-to-set-up missions that can be used to faciliate a pick-up war game.

The missions are aimed at being generic and include army building suggestions for fantasy/medieval, black powder and 20th century/scifi games.

This allows them to be used with nearly all war game rules systems out there.

Included are also example forces for a world war 2 Eastern Front scenario, letting you simply set up and play.

Brief notes will be included allowing the scenarios to be used in a campaign as well.

* * * * *

Mission 1 is inspired by the beloved "Cleanse" mission from old editions of Warhammer 40.000.

It is a very straight-forward "control the table" mission with no complex interactions or special rules to remember and is an excellent pick-up scenario or introduction to a new wargames system.

It is available here

Monday, 26 June 2017

Starport Scum vehicle guide available again

I just discovered that the vehicle guide for Starport Scum had inadvertently been set to Private.

It's now available for sale again, and I'll be more careful with where I click with my clumsy fingers!

It covers introducing vehicles, fixing them when they break, modifying them and other concerns relevant to the Starport Scum game.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Unity Field Agent update

Crazy revelations aside, the core mechanics for Unity Field Agent are complete.

There are very minor tweaks from the last uploaded version but if you have the beta (AND have downloaded the latest version), except it will look fundamentally the same mechanically.

That doesn't mean you should seize providing any feedback you have, just bear in mind that sweeping changes at this stage won't be likely.

Now, to iron out the three game modes and the initial army information :)

Did I mention there'll be a platoon to company sized version later? Yeah?
More on that soon.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another scenario from the generator

Another scenario rolled up at random, using the Scifi scenario generator we sell here

We'll simply go through each table and see how it all turns out:

Why are we fighting?
The roll tells us "Border Tension".
That to me suggests something a little bit lower key, maybe two rival factions or nationalities.

We'll go with human troops on both sides for this one.

Game scale and relative army size:
We'll use the standard table and get a half company.

That means each side will default to roughly this size, though it can be tweaked slightly.
A roll for army size tells us both forces are roughly same size.

I'll set up one side as two platoons of troops (6 squads) while the other gets a single platoon, plus company level support weapons.
The smaller force numerically will be on the defensive.

Army composition:
We roll infantry heavy for both forces, meaning this will be an urban slug fest.
I'll assign two support elements to the defenders and the dice give us Fire Support and Regular Troops.

We add another squad of infantry, bringing them to 4 total.
Fire Support, we'll take as a pair of mortars and a machine gun team.

Troop quality:
For the defenders, we get a roll of Untrained troops with Low Morale. Ouch!

So that tells us these are probably partisans of some sort.
Maybe they've been raiding across the border and the attack on the urban area is a pacification operation.

The attackers receive Extensive Training and High Morale.
We'll give them pretty solid ratings on both fronts.

The attackers objective is retrieval of a Vital Data object from the battle field.
Let's say there's a cache of computer hardware in a make-shift HQ in the town.
The attackers are obviously fairly trustworthy troops, sent to grab it, while the ragtag militia will try to hold them off with stolen heavy weapons.

I will skip the terrain roll, since the image in my head has already pointed me to a city-style table, with the troops fighting street to street.

Since purely games can be a bit dull for the defender, one of their squad leaders gets a side mission.
Turns out he's a bit of a glory-hound and wants to fight the toughest enemy he can find on the battle field.

Leading a squad of fairly hopeless troops, that's not so good, but if the defenders get trounced, this is a good way of allowing a "moral victory".

The dice must be on to the hopeless nature of the fight, since the unforeseen circumstance is bad visibility.
On an urban table, maybe this won't matter that much, but it'll help the out-numbered defenders a little bit.

I hope that helps showcase how you can use the generator.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

FiveCore alternate damage dice

One idea I've kept kicking around is to have a small booklet of different damage dice.

Something you could pull out when writing a scenario, creating a variant of the rules or otherwise messing around.

So you might have things like "Stun" dice or whatever.

Anything people might be interested in seeing?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Unity Field Agent update

A massive update and expansion of the Unity Field Agent public beta, in response to player feedback and suggestions.

Go grab your files again.
If you didn't yet, now's the time.

This version also features far more extensive examples, explanations and descriptions.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Back in civilization

We're safely back in Michigan, so there'll be a BIG update to the public version of Unity Field Agent momentarily.

If you like random events in your war games, I'll have something for you all to look at soon, as well.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Out of town next week

From tomorrow until the 17th or 18th, I'll be out of town, so things will be fairly quiet.

I'll still respond to email and G+ messages, so don't hesitate but replies might be a touch shorter :-)

If you are in the beta test for Unity Field Agent or An Orc Too Far, this is a great time to get in some games.

If not, why not grab them?

Scifi scenario example

This is the example provided in the booklet, so you can use this as an idea of how it works.

So let’s take a look at how it might all come together:

We start by rolling a 7 for the reason we are fighting and find ourselves in the middle of a full-scale invasion.

That might work better for a big game, so we dig out some 6mm war game rules and roll a 6 for the game scale, getting a reinforced battalion per side.

A 5 for relative size means both armies will be about the same size, meaning 3 companies, the battalion support elements and a support element or two.

I am going to just roll up the composition for my own troops.
The composition rolls give me a 4 meaning my force is heavy on Fast Troops.

That could be motorcycles, scout vehicles, jet bikes or anything like that.

So we’ll set it up as two companies of recon forces with a regular infantry company and then the battalion support guns.

Since our battalion is reinforced, we’ll roll twice for support elements.
A 3 and a 7 gives us Specialists and Regulars.

We add in an extra platoon of infantry and some sniper teams to make things interesting.

Since this is clearly some sort of scout or quick response force, we’re going to skip the quality rolls and just assume they are hardened regulars with dependable morale.

I roll a 3 for my objective, which means I must break through the enemy line.
Ouch, with so many light troops, that’ll be a major challenge.

Okay, so to make this work, we’re going to base this a bit on the Generation Kill book and television show.

Our force is basically the advance marine elements crashing into (and through) scattered enemy forces.

That then tells us that the enemy will be of modest quality and not particularly numerous, so we’ll skip the rolls for relative strength. About a weak battalion of enemy troops in modest defensive positions will work pretty well.

To reflect the surprise attack, they will have very few leadership elements to rally them.

I roll once for terrain setup and get a 7: A central clutter with open spaces.
I set up a number of buildings and debris near the center of the table to create a small village, then the surrounding table will be relatively sparse, with some linear obstacles, copses of trees and a few hills.

Lots of space for the jet bikes to move around on, but we’ll need the infantry to get stuck in hard.

For a side mission, I pick one of the jet bike platoons and roll a 2 for their lieutenant. “Stick to the assigned role” is what we get, so that platoon is going to rely purely on hit and run tactics, avoiding being bogged down in a shoot-out.

Finally an 18 on the Unexpected Circumstances table tells us that a monster is prowling the battle field!

I have some terrain that looks like rocky outcroppings with caves, so when moving near one of them, I’ll roll randomly to see if a monster pops out and tries to eat my bike troops.

Voila, we’re ready to play.

A complete scenario with barely any prep work required and not a scenario I think I’d ever have thought up on my own. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Sci-fi scenario generator available!

Short on inspiration?
Played all the scenarios in the rule book?
 Want to play something you haven't done before?

 This scenario generator will work with almost any miniatures rules you like to use and can be scaled from squad-to-platoon level skirmishes, all the way up to battalion sized battles and above.

 Whether you need objectives, unexpected conditions, side-objectives for specific characters or guidelines for army composition and quality, we got you covered with 11 random tables, several of which are multi-column.

 * * * * *
 Since the booklet is not system specific, it is also of some value to roleplayers interested in running a military styled scenario.
Roleplayers should take note that this will help you set up the conditions surrounding a military engagement and the troops taking part.
 You would then be able to fit it into an ongoing campaign (or build a short mini-campaign around the battle) using your normal roleplaying game system.

 * * * * *

 It can be adapted to historical, fantasy or contemporary settings with some conversion work.
Please be aware that you will need to do a bit more foot-work if purchasing for these purposes.

Grab it here

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Unity Field Agent

The Wargame Vault file section for the beta has been uploaded with a draft army list for Fringe-Space scum and cretins. Suitable for most Necromunda, post-apoc and even some modern day figures, it'll give you a more structured way of setting up forces during the beta. Points values need testing of course, as they always do.