Monday, 8 May 2017

Un-Named World War 2 platoon action

I pick the second squad to activate.

Being regulars, they roll 2D6, picking the higher die.

They receive 4 actions.

The Bren Gun team will fire at a building containing German troops - 1st action.

Next, I will move the Rifle team forward a bit closer - 2nd action.

I'll use An extra action to reload the Bren gun (giving a bonus firing die) - 3rd action.

And finally try to check on the wounded squad member and see if we can get him back on his feet - 4th action.

Rolling 5 dice to hit plus an extra for the Reload action, I score a single 6 and mark the German squad with a hit.

I also place a Suppression marker on the building.

The rifle team will move Steadily, rolling two dice. A 3 and a 4. I can move each figure 4 inches.

In the German players turn, they roll to resolve the hit they took. A roll of a 4 means the guy is wounded and is marked as such.

They then roll for their actions and the turn proceeds.

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