Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Codename UFA. Ways to play, ways to die.

Day 1 - We assemble two armies bought using a points system.

I field an army entirely from [faction erased by censors] while my opponent mixes things up a little, using troops from [faction erased by censors] with mercenary support and an attached [erased by censors] just because they had a mini sitting on the shelf that'd work really well.

The game is a straight-up pitched battle over a simple objective and stands alone complete.

Day 2 - We build two mercenary forces from a short list, then they fight using a mission table to give us the basic parameters.
It turns out we're both searching for valuable salvage and this world ain't big enough for both of us.

After the encounter between them, each figure earns experience points and progresses towards upgrades.
We even get a few new guns and weapons.

When we play in this way, our forces persist and develop over time.

Day 3 - A scifi story about a personal vendetta during a military option.
Assault troops from the [erased by censors] descend on the world of Cullin's Drift.

The first battle is a raid to knock out a communications bunker, but afterwards, the story tables direct us to a flashback episode. 

We write up younger versions of the main protagonists and play through their first meeting on the battlefield, years prior.

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