Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Codename UFA: How things happen.

Take a deck of cards.

Each player picks a suit (half-deck) or color (full deck).

Draw one card at a time.
When all figures are "Activated"

The player indicated may activate a figure, taking 2 or 3 actions depending on the card.

Karl ran across the open space, firing his pistols as he went.
As he came into the sights of the sniper, he flung himself forward, rolling into cover.

Aces allow an action to be taken by a figure that already acted (or will act later).

The gun slinger turned the corner, certain that he'd get the drop on the marksman busy firing at his friends.
To his dismay, as he stepped into view, he stared right into the barrel of a MK7 "Reciprocator" rifle.

Characters with particular skills can use any card to take a bonus action, even if all of your figures have activated already.

Seeing his opportunity, Zzh'krz leapt from the top of the building, his wings carrying him in a sustained glide.
In moments, he'd covered the span of the plaza, landing behind cover while the humans shot at each other ineffectually.

And lastly Leaders can stick a card aside, to give a bonus action when they activate.

"SHOOT YOU BASTARDS" she shouted.
"I want that Grark DEAD, I want its family DEAD, I want its nest burned to the ground!"

The Corporate Security troopers complied.
Facing an angry Grark was one thing, but facing the Captain was another altogether.

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