Saturday, 27 May 2017

Codename UFA: Getting things done

The core of the game is the Action system.

We've already discussed how the card draw works.

What are Actions? Well, obviously the things you can do on your turn, with a character being able to take 1, 2 or 3 Actions depending on the card and circumstances.

One very important caveat is that characters CANNOT repeat the same action in their activation, unless an ability permits otherwise.

So f.x. if I have two actions, I cannot simply shoot twice.
If I want to use both actions, I could move and fire, aim and fire or even fire and wait (allowing a shot in return later in the turn).

This helps push more creative game play and avoid the temptation to simply stand still and get as many attack dice as possible.

The total list of actions are:
Move, Prowl, Aim, Fire, Brawl, Task, Recover, Wait.

These cover most of what we'd want a character to be able to do, and creates quite a bit of flexibility.

A character creeping forward into an ambush position might Prowl and then Wait.

In a heated firefight, you might Fire and then Wait.

Running across an open space, you might Move and then add a Prowl move at the end (in this case representing your character flinging themselves forward at a run, rather than sneaking as such)

Some actions include an option to "step", allowing a 1" move before the action is taken.
With this, you can generally shift yourself into a suitable position rather than being stuck juuuuust out of sight or whatever.

Combined with the card system, this system will (I think and hope) allow as much freedom as possible, without falling into some of the traps that such systems can have for a player.

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