Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Dungeon Scum campaign

Going to do a bit of solo-gaming using Dungeon Scum.

The adventure will have a mix of non-mini's and mini's games, both to showcase that both can work fine and because I am indecisive at times whether I want to role-play or war game.

The typical group in Dungeon Scum tends to resemble an old school D&D party, where you had multiple hired goons along for the ride, along with a few heroes and notables.

As such, I'll start with 6 characters, all rolled completely randomly.
The dice give me 4 grunts, 1 retainer, 1 hero and I get to upgrade one of the grunts to an elite.

For the grunts, I get a Petty Thief, a Deserter and a Peasant with a Spear.

Truly the stuff of legends.

The Elite is a Scout.

These "classes' don't mean anything in the rules, they're just for description.

They shall then be Biff the Peasant, Will the Scout, Roger the Thief and Bob the Deserter.

A bit better:
My Retainer rolls for their story and we get that she's an Outcast, they led a dull life, their calling was to be a Mystic, her passion is Sacrifice and her vice is Impulse.

That's a bit unusual.
We figure she's an elf (explains how she could be an outcast AND lead a dull life) looking to achieve wisdom and enlightenment through adventuring.

She'll have 3 traits.
I give her "EXCELLENT VISION - +1D to shooting" since she's an elf.
For the other two, I roll on the book tables and get SURVIVOR (+1 to recover from injuries) and BRAVE (+1 to group morale tests).

Seems oddly fitting so we'll go with that.
Her name is ....Elliran. Yeah.

The hero of the party:
Our main character grew up in a small village but the death of a loved one caused him to set out adventuring.
He felt called to become a ranger and his passion is Justice, so we'll figure orc raiders killed his family and he's out for revenge.
His vice is Deceit. A bit of a scoundrel then, but that explains the motley crew at his side.

For traits, I roll at random and get TACTICAL MOVEMENT (+1 to movement) and STEALTHY (+1dice when sneaking)

We'll dub our ranger Grord.

All characters begin with their choice of a melee weapon and light armor or a melee weapon + missile weapon.

I'll give the ranger and scout bows, everyone else has some sort of pokey-stick plus some scraps of leather.
The elf we'll role-play that she technically does not wear armor but she can dodge, giving her the same benefit.

I roll for extra items and get 2 sacks of gold (the measure of currency) and a piece of adventuring gear. I figure some Rope is fair.

And that's that:
I roll a die for the retainer and hero but neither start with any spells so that's that.
Our very motley crew is ready to begin their quest to no doubt die horribly in some monster-infested pit of hell.

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