Thursday, 9 February 2017

Scum of the Earth beta-test

Welcome to the beta test for Scum of the Earth.
Scum of the Earth is a simple set of rules for games in the black powder period, with an eye towards the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

They are intended specifically for the "dusty book shelf".
You know that shelf. You got 12 French musketeers and 8 Prussian guardsmen and they've been sitting there ever since, collecting dust because you never got around to painting up an entire army.

Scum of the Earth uses 6 figure units and is aimed at being friendly to casual players and "Imaginary nations". 

It is playable on a 2 by 2 foot table.

The rules take some inspiration from the "Scum" series of wargame rules but uses a new unit based combat system of opposed rolls.

This is a Beta version featuring the movement and combat rules, rules for optional characters and a list of traits to build anything from enthusiastic rabble to ruthless Redcoats or arrogant French hussars.
It is offered on a pay what you want basis so you can check it out for free or contribute to support the project

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