Thursday, 23 February 2017

Its okay to just like games

I don't write commentary all that often on here, mostly because I don't know if I am all that interesting and people just want to hear when the **** the revision to Five Parsecs is coming or whatever.

But I wanted to throw this out there:

I like games.

That seems pretty self-evident so let me elaborate:

Across both the RPG, board gaming and miniatures communities I see a lot of squabbling about this or that style of gaming:
Euro games vs Ameritrash, CCG vs LCG, strict simulation vs beer&pretzels, "old school vs new school" etc. with the typical tendency of nerds to divide everything into every-smaller sub-divisions of thought.

And I always feel weird about it, because it doesn't make much sense to me.
I like games, I like almost all games.
I like White Wolf and I like Rolemaster.
I like Command&Colors and Advanced Squad Leader.
I like Face of Battle and I like Black Powder.

Sure, there's games I prefer and there's styles I prefer but the idea of declaring that entire swathes of gaming are bad and that I won't even entertain their discussion seems silly to me, because ultimately that means less gaming.

The sort of sneering attitude that forum personalities adopt when they declare that they "Definitely can't play a wargame that isn't exhaustively researched" or that "they just can't play a eurogame" seems self-limiting for the sake of making some sort of vague internet points.

Why isn't the norm "Oh shoot, I don't play scifi myself but you did a killer job painting those figures" instead?

If I could impart any single thing to the world of gaming through my writing, it'd be that it's okay to just sit down and play.

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