Monday, 5 December 2016

Some Clash on the Fringe FAQ's: Aliens

Assorted FAQ's about the alien races (and their skills) gathered up since release:

Anything with one asterisk * is a clarification.
Anything with ** is a new rule or modification.

*The two special rules are mutually exclusive.
If any figure in a Psycho squad is within Speed+3" when the squad activates, apply the first rule.
If not, apply the second.

*When the proximity to enemy rule triggers, ALL Heads Down markers are removed.

*If a figure is Heads Down multiple times, a roll of a 1 on ANY of the recovery rolls will cause the Psycho to Flip out.

*Bonus moves from You won't like me.. trigger after the firer has finished their shots with that figure (In the event of figures firing twice per turn).
The Hulker could receive multiple moves this way.

*The relocate move is not "movement". It may pass through solid objects and is not subject to any type of reaction.
**The relocate move CANNOT place the Stalker into close combat.

*The opponent can choose which close combat weapon to use, they are just limited to one.

*Droids passing Morale tests applies to all rolls based on Morale, even if they are not based around troop courage and panic.

**Exception: Droids cannot use the Buddy Check mechanic on each other.

*Droids are not affected by psionic powers themselves but a Psionic boosting his own ability would still get their normal bonuses when attacking a droid.

*Warrior Mentality applies to the first casualty taken in the game, not per round.

*A close combat roll is only re-rolled once due to Born to Fight, even if the new roll is also a 1.

*The knock-back due to Shamblers cannot place the Converted into close combat or off the table. Move the figure as close as possible.
They CAN be knocked back into hazardous terrain features.

*The jump move from Winged is double the movement AFTER applying the orders selected, NOT double base move.

*Slippery cannot be used to enter close combat. The move is optional.

*Few in Number only applies to casualty morale tests, not any other test against the Morale score.

*The extra roll due to bond can be taken after your regular rolls to remove Heads Down status have been made.

*As with Droids, Soulless are only immune to psionic effects targeting them.
A psionic boosting themselves would still receive their bonuses when attacking the Soulless.

*A given Stress marker is not tested for removal until the activation FOLLOWING its placement.
Only one test for removal is made, even if multiple markers are placed.

*A leader can shift into a body from a different squad.
If so, this causes the squad affiliation to change to the new squad.

*If nervous Engineers are complete surrounded, they will remain in place.
They may move closer to an enemy only if that enemy is not in sight and doing so is the only way to retreat from visible enemy.

*Technically the bonus from one with the machine is optional, if for some reason you'd prefer not to receive the bonus.

*The bonus for sneaky is applied to the base Speed before modifying for Prowl orders.

**The figure selected for die for the cause must not already be Heads Down unless every squad member is Heads Down.

*The retreat move due to slight cannot enter a new close combat.

*The bonus action from Eager is taken after the firer finishes all shots they are entitled to (in the event of figures capable of firing more than once per activaiton).

**If one attack causes multiple casualties, all bonus actions from Eager must be given to different figures. They CANNOT be stacked on one figure.
If casualties occur from distinct attacks (for example, 3 figures fire and all 3 cause a casualty), then each bonus action could be taken by any figure.

*"Fighting Horde" is defined as "on the same battle field as any hostile Horde figures".
Figures are not "Fighting Horde" if they are somehow on the same side as the Horde or if all hostile Horde figures have been eliminated in a multi-player game.

*The figure selected for Execution dies instantly and with no dice roll.

*Evade moves cannot enter close combat.

*When moving across obstacles with Skitter, simply ignore linear obstacles completely. You do not have to count the vertical height of the obstacle against your movement.
When climbing actual walls, simply measure the vertical distance and count it as standard movement.
If a Skittering figure can reach the edge of the roof/top, they can be placed on the top surface.

*A re-rolled die in close combat must be kept if the new roll is another 1.

*Resilient works like this:
If the natural, unmodified roll for Survival is a 1 or 2, the Brute survives (and is not Heads Down) regardless of how powerful the weapon is or any additional Heads Down effect it might otherwise case.

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