Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Laserstorm updates

The Laserstorm points formula has been tweaked a bit again and the new version is live in the Vault.

The changes are:

Infantry only pay +1 per Aim point improvement per weapon slot, instead of +2.

The cost premium for a weapon slot with a -4 save modifier is not applied if the weapon will have a range of 10" or less.

The infantry units and field guns in the "Ready Made Units" chapter are now updated to the new, correct values.
Most got adjusted a few points.
Alien warriors are cheaper now compared to human troops (since the aliens typically only have one weapon slot) which works well for ork-style armies.
Autocannon and mortars are now costed far closer to their actual worth.

While the email you got from the Vault didn't mention it, the "Assembly Line" infantry units and infantry weapons are also updated.

More to follow.

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