Friday, 14 October 2016

LaserStorm rules updates

Based on feedback, Laserstorm has seen a few rules updates, which are in your file in the Vault:

*Double-time moves can be done by tanks and light vehicles (this was unclear before).

*The penalty for failing a double-time is removing one stand, not placing the unit in reserve.
This represents vehicles breaking down or throwing tracks, while making it more viable for infantry (which tend to be cheap and plentiful).

*Indirect fire minimum range is 10" now.

*Points values have been adjusted a lot.
RIGHT NOW, the premade units are not adjusted yet, just the formula. I'll go over those soon and update them.

The changes to the build-system are (from my memory):

Increased costs for: Field guns, long range weapons, weapons with Burst skill, transports, general purpose weapons.

Lower costs for: Standard vehicles.

Light vehicles now have a cap to their armour.

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