Tuesday, 18 October 2016

FiveCore Pulp gaming is coming.

One of the more frequent requests have been pulp adventure rules for the FiveCore system, so I am happy to say that this will be a reality very soon.

Testing has been going well, so what will the game look like?

*It will be set up for campaign play by default, with the player taking the role of a group of adventurers getting themselves into trouble.
You can get skills, find treasures and make enemies along the way.

*The campaign rules will be very familiar if you have played Five Parsecs From Home but will be a bit easier to track and handle.

*Pick up play is of course possible with one player taking the villains, though you don't get a points system, sorry.
Alternatively, you can take turns running each other's opposition in a campaign with a chance of your treasure hunters having a showdown with their rivals.

*Solo friendly as always for a FiveCore product.

*FiveCore Pulp will be a stand-alone game, meaning you won't need to already own the FiveCore rules.

*The setting will be early to mid 20th century, but that can be shifted up and down as you see fit. It mostly affects weapons available in any event and you'll get modern weapon options as well.

*The specific adventure style will lean more towards Indiana Jones/Uncharted/Tomb Raider than the more fantastical side of pulp gaming, but there'll be a few extra options for wilder games.

*Lots of random tables of course. You know me.

*Core rules have been tweaked a bit, making the game more dramatic and movement-focused.

*Several classes of enemies to fight: Goons, Troopers, Elites, Tribesmen, Cretins, Bosses and the Nemesis.

Hope you're excited, this has been quietly in the making in various forms for a very long time.
Let me know if you have any questions :)

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