Thursday, 27 October 2016

Laserstorm tweaks

There are a few more tweaks coming to Laserstorm soon, but they won't see light until the middle of next week, when I am back at home, since I am travelling currently.

FiveCore System Pack available

A new mini-supplement is available with options to customize and tailor your games to your tastes.

These options are a mixture of ideas that were tested for various releases and never included officially, as well as brand new options for a new experience.

They're suitable for all FiveCore games and should be adaptable to Five Men at Kursk with minimal difficulty.

*Simplified turn sequence (for non-random turns)

*Bonus actions (A variant of the simplified turn sequence using the action dice to provide bonus actions)

*Careful aim (A new tactical option)

*Ambush (A new option when reacting to nearby movement)

*Terrain movement reduction (A more conventional terrain system)

*Action Point System (A new turn sequence allowing more fine-control over what your characters do each turn)

*Melee dice (Replace the opposed Brawling roll with Kill and Shock dice)

*Observation test (A dice-based spotting system)

*Alternative combat dice (8 new attack dice types to build futuristic and alien weapons, including toxin, web and disintegration)

*Squad traits (A skill system for an entire squad, for quick scenario building)

*Diceless recovery (A non-random method for recovering figures that are Down or Panicked)

*Skill challenges (A simple skill system for roleplay oriented scenarios)

*Battle exhaustion (Put more pressure on your characters in a campaign, forcing you to push them harder or operate below strength)

*Wounds (An in-battle wound table adding bloody detail to your games)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Pulp FiveCore Cinematic Movement

One of the big inspirations for the Pulp FiveCore rules is video games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider which are very kinetic and movement driven.
Even if we look at classic films like Indiana Jones, the heroes are always climbing, jumping, clinging and falling to/on/from things.

As such, pulp rules ought to reflect that and make our battlefield a little more 3D.

Part of this is covered by the movement mechanics including a bit more detail but the driving force will be the Cinematic Movement Dice.

This replaces the normal action dice and Dash rule.
At the beginning of your turn, you roll 3D6 and set them aside.

Each die can be assigned to any character you like, whether they are activating or not and allows them to move that many inches, ignoring reaction shots, rough ground and many obstacles.

If you reduce the die by 1, you can even leap gaps or run "through" enemy figures.

They can also be used to scamper up terrain features.

This is a neat rule on its own but it really comes unto its own when you have a cluttered mess of a gaming table, with lots of things to get on top of.
Heroes can leap from pillar to pillar, swing across gaps, vault over walls and generally act like...well you know.. heroes.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

FiveCore Pulp gaming is coming.

One of the more frequent requests have been pulp adventure rules for the FiveCore system, so I am happy to say that this will be a reality very soon.

Testing has been going well, so what will the game look like?

*It will be set up for campaign play by default, with the player taking the role of a group of adventurers getting themselves into trouble.
You can get skills, find treasures and make enemies along the way.

*The campaign rules will be very familiar if you have played Five Parsecs From Home but will be a bit easier to track and handle.

*Pick up play is of course possible with one player taking the villains, though you don't get a points system, sorry.
Alternatively, you can take turns running each other's opposition in a campaign with a chance of your treasure hunters having a showdown with their rivals.

*Solo friendly as always for a FiveCore product.

*FiveCore Pulp will be a stand-alone game, meaning you won't need to already own the FiveCore rules.

*The setting will be early to mid 20th century, but that can be shifted up and down as you see fit. It mostly affects weapons available in any event and you'll get modern weapon options as well.

*The specific adventure style will lean more towards Indiana Jones/Uncharted/Tomb Raider than the more fantastical side of pulp gaming, but there'll be a few extra options for wilder games.

*Lots of random tables of course. You know me.

*Core rules have been tweaked a bit, making the game more dramatic and movement-focused.

*Several classes of enemies to fight: Goons, Troopers, Elites, Tribesmen, Cretins, Bosses and the Nemesis.

Hope you're excited, this has been quietly in the making in various forms for a very long time.
Let me know if you have any questions :)

Friday, 14 October 2016

LaserStorm rules updates

Based on feedback, Laserstorm has seen a few rules updates, which are in your file in the Vault:

*Double-time moves can be done by tanks and light vehicles (this was unclear before).

*The penalty for failing a double-time is removing one stand, not placing the unit in reserve.
This represents vehicles breaking down or throwing tracks, while making it more viable for infantry (which tend to be cheap and plentiful).

*Indirect fire minimum range is 10" now.

*Points values have been adjusted a lot.
RIGHT NOW, the premade units are not adjusted yet, just the formula. I'll go over those soon and update them.

The changes to the build-system are (from my memory):

Increased costs for: Field guns, long range weapons, weapons with Burst skill, transports, general purpose weapons.

Lower costs for: Standard vehicles.

Light vehicles now have a cap to their armour.

We have a ton of sales this weekend

If you want to get some gaming on the cheap, let me hook you up.

These links are good until Sunday
Clash on the Fringe for 9.99
Five Men at Kursk for 9.99
FiveCore 3rd edition 9.99

FiveCore Brigade Commander for 7.99
Laserstorm for 7.99
Not Just a Brush War for 3.99

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Gun Runners Guide to Starport Scum

Need more ready-made guns than the 10 included in the core rules, but you don't want to make your own arsenal?

No problem, the Gun Runners Guide offers a collection of hardware to be picked up or assigned randomly as loot in your games.

In total you find 20 model names for basic firearms (to add flavour), 20 new small arms, 20 specialist weapons, 20 melee weapons and 20 heavy weapons.

That's a total of 80 weapons with their own dice bonuses and abilities, ranging from shotguns and hand cannon to the exotic splinter cannon and neural shock device. 

Available here

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Starport expansion tomorrow

If all goes well, Starport Scum will get a gun-related expansion tomorrow. :)

A bit of starship goodness: Railgun

My good friend Nate has been slaving away at fine-tuning his Railgun starship rules, making them leaner and meaner than before. 

Run over and take a look at the new ideas, and you can pick up the playtest version for 2 dollars

The neat bit is that the playtest version will become the final version, so if you buy it now, you can get all future updates without paying a dime extra.