Thursday, 29 September 2016

War Story updated

The War Story narrative rules from Nordic Weasel has seen a small update.

The new version adds an additional chapter "Setting Odds" with a mechanical system for figuring out the odds of a given attack, including some options to introduce random factors into the system.

It's basically an outgrowth of how we tended to resolve odds-setting in the first place, so feels proper to include it.

It IS optional, so if you already have a method in place, just stick with that.

No other changes were made, so you can just print the two new pages.

If you aren't familiar with War Story yet, it's NWG's "narrative wargame", featuring a more conversational "matrix-like" approach to gaming.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dungeon Scum. First location pack is available

Welcome to Shade Stone Forest. 

In the first adventure pack for Dungeon Scum, you get to explore a mysterious forest that seems to defy exploration.

This pack will replace the Delve tables in the main rules, allowing you to explore a new location with its own unique enemy and encounter tables.

Fight new creatures as well as variants of existing ones, deal with new challenges and obstacles and maybe even find some new loot.

If you want to take on a bigger challenge, you can try to accomplish side objectives or even hunt for the Secrets of the Forest, terrible enemies hidden on the darkest paths.

Monday, 19 September 2016

FiveCore space marines

For FiveCore skirmish players, here's a stab at 40K space marines.
Totally unofficial and totally non-commercial of course.


If the dropbox link doesn't work, let me know.

if there's interest, I'll do up more.

Company Command and Brigade Commander movement

The movement rules of Company Command and Brigade Commander now have an option for "Rapid movement".

This is a bonus that can be given to any suitable squad/company and ranges from +1 to +3.

Add the bonus to the base movement distance of the unit.
When Dashing/Pushing movement, if the die roll is equal or below the bonus, raise the bonus by 1.

Suitable for units that are highly trained, emphasizes movement in their tactics, lightly equipped or particularly eager to get to grips with the enemy.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

FiveCore skirmish update

A decent sized update hit the FiveCore skirmish rules today (the 3rd edition rules to be exact, the sets contained in the retro collection won't see updates, that's why they are retro and cheap)

Updates include:

1: The Move and Sprint benefits are now the same thing.
A figure with +2 Move (for example) moves 2" faster and if they roll a 1 or 2 when Dashing, adds +1 to the Dash distance.

2: Firing at a Clear Target (in the open within 12" is now +1 Kill die, instead of rerolling a die.

3: A new optional Man to Man mode is added.
In this mode, you take it in turns to roll 2 Action Dice (typically) and apply them to 2 figures of your choice, until everyone has acted.
Basically a more conventional turn sequence that still uses the Action Die mechanic.
Totes optional but a lot of fun.

4: Squad Morale is now a thing.
Once a squad drops to 5 members or less, they have to test morale to see if they bail out.
Its very easy to use.

THe old High Spirits/Despair rule (which frankly was always a patch) is gone, instead things that affected that now affect the new Squad Morale instead.

5: The "Scared" morale effect is gone.
Rolling a 1 on the Shock dice now forces the target to Flinch (hide behind cover or back up 3" towards cover) but has no lasting effect.

This is sort of drastic and does reduce suppression fire a little bit, but I find that it plays far better and removes one of the markers cluttering up the table.

Go ahead and download your files again from the wargame vault, the update is free for everyone who owns the game.