Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wargameaday: Best gaming session?

For the 2nd of "WargameaDay" the question is:

Best game session since August 2015:

For this, I am going to cheat slightly and use a board game, in this case Advanced Squad Leader.

We were playing one of the East Front scenarios from the starter kit and it looked like the Germans had it in the bag. They sat on all the objectives but at the very end, one last Soviet platoon finally showed up at the edge of the board.

To win, they'd have to get into the objective buildings but the only path would lead through a wall of defensive fire and on top, since all accessible hexes were occupied, they would need to survive at least one round of hand to hand fighting.

THe platoon begins their charge. Hails of MG34 fire rip them to shreds as one squad after another breaks.
The platoon leader falls wounded and one last squad presses on, reduced to a half-squad but stubbornly passing every morale test it is required to take.

It reaches the building, survives yet another volley of defensive fire, this time at point blank range, advances into close combat and the Germans blow their roll to hit him.

German victory snatched away at the last moment, on the last die roll by the luckiest communists on the planet.

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