Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Five Parsecs closer to Home

So feedback has overwhelmingly been to update Five Parsecs From Home as a nice new edition, and make it a complete stand-alone package.

This will happen over the next few months but it raises another question.

Since fan feedback on the last inquiry was pretty unanimous, I thought I’d rely on the fans to make the decision on this part as well.

Essentially, there’s two options that I see for a new “Five Parsecs” standalone game.

A: Keep it as a FiveCore game.
The core engine would not have to have a carbon copy of the current FiveCore skirmish rules.
One of the benefits would be to be able to incorporate innovations from other sources and tweak the rules to fit the setting specifically.

B: Adopt a more conventional system.
A few people have expressed that FiveCore can be a “busy” game to keep track of in campaigns where each figure is potentially a unique individual.
A different option would be to adopt a more conventional system (likely based off a modified version of the Blast Pistol engine, using straight-forward D10 rolls to hit).

Option A has the benefit of being familiar and showcase the unique nature of the FiveCore system in what it does best: Quirky, character-driven campaigns.

Option B has the benefit of being able to remove a lot of special rules and cases due to having a stat-line to work with.
This would allow a move to a slightly more Necromunda-styled campaign experience.

Both are good options and I am stuck trying to decide between them.
So I turn to you. 
You can reach me at my address as always with your thoughts. 

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