Sunday, 21 August 2016

DungeonScum - The Delve

So for Dungeon Scum, rather than doing the "room by room" dungeon exploration (though you certainly could), we're focusing on key moments.

When you venture into a dungeon (what the rules call a "Delve") you'll have typically 3 key moments and then the final encounter.
Basically, we skip the wandering through empty corridors and safe rooms.

You could cook these up yourself or roll on the handy-dandy table in the book: Each encounter might be a battle with a group of minions (interchangeable grunt level baddies: Goblins, bandits, cave rats, whatever), a monster or a challenge which must be bypassed in some way.

They're set up so if you just wnat to roll dice and move on, you can or a GM could replace them with a full roleplaying encounter.

f.x. if you roll a Puzzle, you can just make a dice roll to pass it or the GM might actually invent a puzzle to solve, RPG style.

If a battle breaks out, we go to the miniatures and play it out.

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