Saturday, 9 July 2016

This week

Blast Pistol expansion tomorrow, introducing new races (well, old ones if you're a Clash or In Sight veteran).

* * * * *

Starport Scum is coming together quick.
One of the more fun parts to write is the "random bits" chapter in the back. This is basically just a collection of random tables for everything from planets to corporation names to sinister plots.

The sort of thing that can spawn campaigns or make a saturday night go by with a cup of tea and a few dice.

Still not sure about an exact release date. I'd like to say Thursday but I don't know for sure.
If its not out by then, it'll be after the next weekend, as I have to go on a short trip to visit some friends.

* * * * *
What is the end for the Living Games line? The goal is to have a total of 3 more variants, allowing the series to encompass basically every type of gaming I am interested in: The additional variants will be Dirty Wars (cold war backwaters and police actions), Last Offensive (tentative name, ww2) and an unnamed pulp adventure book.

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