Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Price of a Mile available! WW1 quick skirmishing

This was actually ready to go a few days ago, but I went back and redid a few things, and I wanted to get it off my chest while Allied Storm and Starport Scum are being worked on this month.

Price of a Mile takes the "Living Game" system used in Blast Pistol and Powder&Bayonet, and adapts it to the mud and trenches of the first world war.

The rules clock in at 25 pages, which covers rules for infantry action, horsemen, the odd tank, flamethrower and other bit of kit and provides ability scores for 11 types of squad plus 5 individual figures.

Points values are included, along with a "patrol" mission for quick pick-up games.

If you are not familiar with the "Living Games" engine, it relies on simple D10 rolls for combat, a simple "two failures and you're out" Morale system and allows each squad to move and fight in a way that is detailed without being overly complicated.

You can even carry out troops from battle to battle and an option is included for "Man to Man" mode, suitable for games with 10-15 men on each side.

As with other Living Games systems, the game will receive several updates both free and paid expansions, covering a variety of topics, including mission objectives and details on specific historical troop types.


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