Tuesday, 24 May 2016

No End in Sight second edition is live!

Go ahead and download your game files again and you'll have it in your eager, digital hands.

I was going to list all the changes, but almost everything has been touched up in some manner.

So instead, let me summarise some of the bigger changes:

*Leaders can now give orders to groups of up to 3 figures in contact with each other.
This makes it easier to handle large squads but at the loss of some flexibility.

*In addition to being Trained, Professional and Irregular, troops can now also be rated for motivation and experience.
Green Professionals (Germans in Afghanistan) or Veteran Irregulars (Battle-hardened militia troops) are a distinct possibility.

*Base movement rates are 4" now.

*Permanent stress is gone. Much easier now.

*An option has been added to help facilitate 2-3 platoon battles.

*More weapon details including most of what you might need for a ww2 era battle.

*Retreating has been rewritten. Troops in cover are now much harder to shift unless you advance on them, while troops in the open will head for cover very quickly, if they take fire.

*Assaults have been rewritten to be simpler and essentially follow the normal shooting rules but deadlier.

*Vehicles now use a comparative system for anti-tank fire (similar to FiveCore) but with a D10 table.
Vehicles can now be immobilised, have guns knocked out or go "cold" with neither side knowing what happened.

*Artillery fire is better explained now. Its also a touch more detailed.

*Checklist has been added to make it easier to set up forces for a platoon and assign their ratings.

*Campaign rules and character creation has been fleshed out a little bit more.

And probably a bunch of things I forgot!

No Stars in Sight will follow at an unspecified future point, most likely this summer.

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