Friday, 27 May 2016

General updates

In no particular order:

*I have some ideas for some sort of grand fantasy setting. Not sure what the end product will be. RPG setting? Wargame? both? Neither?
I'll share a few ideas later, but look forward to something over the summer.

*Updates happening over the summer: No Stars in Sight. Company Command. Brigade Commander.
Not sure which happens first but FiveCore Company Command is likely it.

*Still working on a Poland supplement for ww2. It'll be focused on Five Men at Kursk but I imagine it'll end up covering Company Command and Brigade Commander as well.

*I have manuscripts for WW1 Brigade Commander and a WW2 conversion of LaserStorm. These will happen in the early summer. The former likely after the Brigade Commander update/revision.

*You will have noticed that I raised the price slightly for the revised versions of FiveCore skirmish and No End in Sight. With the improvements, I felt that the old price was selling myself a little bit short.
The games are still ridiculously good value for the money.

*I am looking towards commission some original art for Clash on the Fringe and then positioning the game towards a more professional print release. No concrete news yet there though.

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