Thursday, 12 May 2016

FiveCore 3rd edition is now available!

Another big update for you guys.

I am proud to announce that the FiveCore skirmish rules are now formally in their third edition.
This time however, its on the house. All you have to do is go download the new files from your Wargame Vault account.

I'd write a detailed change log but at this point nearly everything has been tweaked or adjusted in some way.

Rules have been tweaked, clarified or corrected and text has been fixed up to flow better.

In particular, the rules now list rules terms in bold text, making it far easier to pick out at a glance.
This also helps avoid confusion when common terms like “hiding” also has a game function.

I will touch on a few of the larger changes though:

*The turn sequence has a few tweaks.
The core sequence is still the same as it has always been, but before play you now roll 3 activation dice and set them aside.
These are your “reserve dice” and you can use them up at any point to replace a normal activation roll.

*Squads with superior tactics or training now get to activate an extra figure each turn.
This was always implied but now its explicit and clear.
The force generators will let you determine this randomly if desired.

*During Scurry and Firefight turns, the number of reacting enemies is limited to the number of active figures.
This avoids the, admittedly hilarious, example of a single guy scurrying from cover and causing an entire enemy platoon to come after him.

*The Stealth rules now match the ones introduced in the Field Guide, which includes Patrol points for sentries and the option to use Deception and create Distractions. I happen to think its wicked cool.

*Cover is a bigger deal now with bonus dice against nearby targets in the open.

*Pinned/Hunkered Down has been combined into a single status effect and the Shock dice have been revised a little bit.

*New weapons and gadgetry has been added and a few have been revised to be simpler.

*Two figures in contact with each other can move at the same time, for one activation.

*Firing while an inactive friend is in contact gives you extra Shock dice (suppressing fire) but you also suffer extra dice when enemies fire at you, since you present a pretty obvious target.

*Hand to hand fighting is a little more interesting now, with a wider range of outcomes.

*and approximately 10 million other updates.

Oh… there's a pulp plot generator. Nazis are using robot soldiers to deploy a doomsday weapon. Go!

If you have been on the fence about the system, now's the best time to check it out and if you're a regular player, I hope this is as much fun to read through as it was to write.

Company Command will be next, followed by Brigade Commander.

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