Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Chevauchee. Fivecore medieval skirmishing now available.

Swords, mud and blood.

Medieval man to man fighting was brutal and unpleasant but there's no reason your game rules should be.
Chevauchee takes the familiar, fast-moving engine from FiveCore and adapts it to medieval skirmish warfare.

Features include:

*Warband level gameplay where you can get to know each member of your army.

*Simple D6-based combat mechanics that combine morale and injury into a single roll.

*Systems to build almost any medieval (or fantasy) weapon you can think of.

*Full detailed campaign rules letting you follow a warband across multiple encounters and random 

*Random character creation providing you with a strong roleplaying element.

*Character skills, letting each individual be a unique contributor to your noble crusade.. or petty thievery.

*The "Fief" campaign, letting you run your own petty domain. Hope the peasants aren't too revolting!

*Written by the incredibly talented Tom Mecredy, utilizing the FiveCore skirmish rules as a base.

* * * * *
Chevauchee is suitable for games of 6-12 figures per side, using any individually based figures.

This is a stand-alone game, no other products are needed.

While utilizing the base FiveCore system, every mechanic has been tweaked to fit the subject matter.

Scenario generator and campaign rules are included. No need to buy extra books just to play a long adventure.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A reminder guys

Even if a product is available freely from the Wargame Vault, please do not redistribute it on scribd or similar, without permission from the rights holder.