Monday, 28 March 2016

The state of NWG.

As a few of you know, I am moving to Michigan in a few weeks.
The various preparations involved has meant a relatively low profile, but I wanted to let people know of various things in the pipeline.

A: I've received a handful of manuscripts for scenarios, an army list for Clash and even a few games.
They are not forgotten, but I won't have any realistic chance of getting to them before the move.

B: From Shako to Coalscuttle has gotten a lot of great feedback.
The biggest issues that need adjusting right now is more cavalry differentiation (between Napoleonic Shock cavalry and later types) and some tweaks to how counter-battery fire works.

C: Company Command will see a free update with some heavy revision, likely before the move.
This will incorporate some aspects of the Kursk system as well as making things like specialists and tank combat a lot cooler.
If you own the game already, you'll get the new version for free, no worries.

Hope you all are getting in some great games.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Two small updates to FiveCore Company Commander

1: Tanks moving on a road cannot fire if they use the road movement bonus.

2: Infantry anti-tank attachments are now limited to 12" range. Modify as needed for specific gadgets.

Wargame Vault files have been updated. Both of these are probably in the "should have been that way all along" category.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Five Men at Kursk mission generator!

This is super cool.

One of my faithful minions has put together a really cool automatic generator for Five men at Kursk.
This will roll up a random squad, support units and even an entire mission for you, at the click of a button.

Go give it a look. It'll reduce the setup time for a game to basically just taking the figures out of their box or off the shelf.

It's suitable with very little change for FiveCore, Five Men in Normandy and even other skirmish ww2 games.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Shako to Coalscuttle updates

A bit over a hundred people have downloaded the beta version so far.

If you haven't yet, go grab it here

If you already did, make sure to re-download it as it's gotten a ton of updates today:

*Typos corrected, including one very embarrasing one!

*Changed "blitz" to "Quick-time"

*Dispersed and individual stands can now turn to face any direction.

*Added chapters with background information on the time period, time limits, battle lulls and victory conditions

*"Slow rifle" renamed to "Muzzle-loading rifle"

*Added alternate dice options for firing and charging, aimed at being less dramatic and more morale oriented.

*Charge dice toned down slightly in general.

*Light troops may not charge.

*Break charge renamed to Halt charge

*Armies receive 1 rally and 1 shock action for free each turn, command dice are used for extra actions.

*Rapid Fire shock action now activated with rallying dice instead.

*A few notes have been added at the back with a view of things to come.

Some Q&A:

What additional content will the final game have?
Nothing is set in stone yet, but my note book says help to build scenarios (including some special rules), period-specific notes, some form of army generation (including a random factor) and some form of campaign rules for the ambitious player.

What will the final game cost?
Also uncertain, but likely between 10 and 15 dollars, depending on final page count and how much content I can pack in there.

Will you add feature X?
If you ask nice and give a good reason why it should be there, everything will be considered.

What basing system should we use?
For the moment, use whatever you have.
I really don't want to ever ask anyone to rebase their army.

Assuming your troops are on stands somewhere around 1-2 inches wide, they should work just fine.
2, 3 and 6mm figures could be on smaller bases. As long as they are roughly consistent with your opponent, no worries.

4 stands make a unit and you'll want 8-10 units to play.

Are you looking for contributors?
I am always looking for feedback and testers.

If you have figures you'd like to show off, either as a retailer, painter or just a hobbyist, let me know.

If you're an artist, let me know as well and we can talk shop.

If you would like to contribute a scenario, I am all ears as well.


I'm going to start responding to all  rules questions with "It's not for rules lawyers".

Apparently that's a get out of jail free card for game writers, so I am going to cash in :)

Here's the entire chapter on ranged combat, from the upcoming "Kursk Company Commander":

"When shooting at the enemy, roll several dice and apply the appropriate numbers to enemies, removing some troops when it seems right".

"Wait, what dice do we roll?"

"This game isn't intended for rules lawyers, mate"

Please send me a lot of money now.

Donations exceeding 10 dollars will entitle you to a lengthy response that, upon closer inspection, contradicts the written game rules.