Friday, 1 January 2016

What will be new in "Five Men at Kursk"?

This was actually written up a few days ago, but I forgot to post it :)

It seems like a fine first of January post though, so whatever.

So a quick run-down of what Five Men at Kursk will include, just for you lot :-)
First, what it will be, if you didn't play "Five Men in Normandy" (or FiveCore in general).
*Character-driven skirmish game. The typical game will be a squad (or thereabouts) with a few allies on the side.
*The game is intended to be played as a campaign, where your men gain new skills and try to survive the war.
*You will get plenty of tables to generate random missions, campaign events and whatnot, creating an interesting, unpredictable experience.
*A typical game plays in about an hour or so, occasionally quicker, and can be played on a 3x3 foot table no problem.
* * * * *
So is this a second edition?
No, not quite. It's a new version, and I think it'll be a better version, but it is going to make a fair number of deviations from the old FiveCore formula.
As such, I felt it made more sense to give it a new title, rather than make it a "second edition" or some such.
The goal was to both make the game leaner, meaner and more direct, and to tackle a few areas that tend to get people hung up (Cover, Scurrying, "a soldier is a soldier" being the big three).
* * * * *
So what is different from the original game?
*The turn sequence has been revamped. The idea is similar to the "Control dice" in the field guide.
Essentially, you roll a handful of dice and the old results (scurry, activation, fire fight) are now applied to individual figures.
*Leaders now provide limited bonus actions, based on their leadership style. So a tactically minded leader may provide a bonus move, while a more guts-n-glory guy may give a bonus fire action.
*The skill system is simpler now, providing specific bonuses to movement, firing and melee.
The core system still assumes "the generic soldier" with + ratings for better troops.
*Range and cover is more significant now. Being caught in the open will make your soldiers a lot less happy.
Pushing troops out of cover is harder too.
*Pinned/Hunkered down is consolidated into one thing.
*Campaign rules will be fleshed out more, with more possibilities and a bit more detail.
*There'll be a chance of extra troops arriving during a battle.
*Vehicle rules are built in (and will feature some gun/armour ratings). Still pretty straightforward though.
*Probably a bunch of other little things I am forgetting.

All in all, I hope this will be the most hard-hitting incarnation of the game so far, and the ideal one-stop shop for squad-level ww2 campaigning.
Hope you're excited!

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