Thursday, 28 January 2016

LaserStorm army book 2 and other news

With much blood, sweat and tears, the second army book is available for LaserStorm, covering all your refined, deadly alien grav tank needs.

Go git 'er!

I'd like to say that the third army book (Warriors or Converted) will make it in February but with us moving to Michigan next month, I'm not sure if that'll be realistic.

* * * * *
Scenarios incoming!

The first set of 5 scenarios, aimed at "weird war" occult FiveCore adventures in ww2, is in my hands and slowly being prepared for publication.
I'll share some more details once it's closer but it will feature Allied soldiers going up against unknown horrors.

* * * * *
Five Men at Kursk is taking shape rapidly, with some radical changes incoming.
I'll share some more in-depth talk pretty soon, once the new mechanics have all fallen into place.

In particular, I am looking at some new, and more interactive mechanics for things like reactions.

* * * * *
Quite a few people have expressed interest in writing for NWG and a lot of proposals have been discussed.

We're now generally in the stage where we'll see what comes of it, and how things shake out.
The future is looking very exciting though, and if all works out well, there's some incredibly talented people coming on board.

If you are still interested, let me know with a proposal.
Assume that the subject matters I listed previously on the blog are spoken for, but original ideas will be considered.

* * * * *
Alone in the dungeon.
If you are interested in playtesting some solo dungeon crawling gaming, let me know. I have something in the works.

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