Sunday, 10 January 2016

Do you want to write?

I am looking for one or two talented people to do some work for Nordic Weasel Games.
There are a few projects I'd like to see the company pursue but may not have the manpower to do on my own.

Conversion projects

These involve taking existing material and adapting it to a new context.

*Converting LaserStorm to either ww2 or cold war.

*Working on turning Five Parsecs into a stand-alone game, based on the 2nd edition FiveCore rules and Field Guide.

*FiveCore Black Powder or medieval.

*Expanding a set of bug hunting rules into a fully fledged product.

*WW1 Brigade Commander.

*WW2 Clash on the Fringe.

*Clash on the Fringe army lists

*Expanded Korea or Vietnam supplements for any FiveCore game or No End in Sight.

Development projects

These will involve helping create product from the ground up, to a set of specifications.

*Expanding NWG into naval or spaceship gaming.

*Grand napoleonic game, based on some FiveCore principles.

*Fast play mecha action.

*Other suggestions as you might find appropriate.

*Also looking for small, self-contained games on niche or specialized topics, that fit within the general umbrella of Nordic Weasel Games philosophy (cheap games, easy to play, playable on small tables in limited time, not numbers-heavy)

* * * * *

You won't be expected to do layout duties and such.
Likewise, this task is well suited even if you speak English as a second language, as I expect that wording, phrasing etc. will be touched up and edited by myself.

All payment is on a percentage of sales. For adaptations/conversions, you get a 50% cut of profits, after Wargame Vault takes their cut.

This is above what tends to be typical in the gaming industry, but is balanced out by being a small fish in a small market.

A typical NWG game sells 200-500 copies, depending on appeal and genre. A supplement or niche product may sell 50-100 You can do your own math from there.

For new projects, we'll discuss before we begin.

Let me know on G+ or through if you are interested.

If you are already working on scenarios, I am still interested in those :)

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