Thursday, 28 January 2016

LaserStorm army book 2 and other news

With much blood, sweat and tears, the second army book is available for LaserStorm, covering all your refined, deadly alien grav tank needs.

Go git 'er!

I'd like to say that the third army book (Warriors or Converted) will make it in February but with us moving to Michigan next month, I'm not sure if that'll be realistic.

* * * * *
Scenarios incoming!

The first set of 5 scenarios, aimed at "weird war" occult FiveCore adventures in ww2, is in my hands and slowly being prepared for publication.
I'll share some more details once it's closer but it will feature Allied soldiers going up against unknown horrors.

* * * * *
Five Men at Kursk is taking shape rapidly, with some radical changes incoming.
I'll share some more in-depth talk pretty soon, once the new mechanics have all fallen into place.

In particular, I am looking at some new, and more interactive mechanics for things like reactions.

* * * * *
Quite a few people have expressed interest in writing for NWG and a lot of proposals have been discussed.

We're now generally in the stage where we'll see what comes of it, and how things shake out.
The future is looking very exciting though, and if all works out well, there's some incredibly talented people coming on board.

If you are still interested, let me know with a proposal.
Assume that the subject matters I listed previously on the blog are spoken for, but original ideas will be considered.

* * * * *
Alone in the dungeon.
If you are interested in playtesting some solo dungeon crawling gaming, let me know. I have something in the works.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Do you want to write?

I am looking for one or two talented people to do some work for Nordic Weasel Games.
There are a few projects I'd like to see the company pursue but may not have the manpower to do on my own.

Conversion projects

These involve taking existing material and adapting it to a new context.

*Converting LaserStorm to either ww2 or cold war.

*Working on turning Five Parsecs into a stand-alone game, based on the 2nd edition FiveCore rules and Field Guide.

*FiveCore Black Powder or medieval.

*Expanding a set of bug hunting rules into a fully fledged product.

*WW1 Brigade Commander.

*WW2 Clash on the Fringe.

*Clash on the Fringe army lists

*Expanded Korea or Vietnam supplements for any FiveCore game or No End in Sight.

Development projects

These will involve helping create product from the ground up, to a set of specifications.

*Expanding NWG into naval or spaceship gaming.

*Grand napoleonic game, based on some FiveCore principles.

*Fast play mecha action.

*Other suggestions as you might find appropriate.

*Also looking for small, self-contained games on niche or specialized topics, that fit within the general umbrella of Nordic Weasel Games philosophy (cheap games, easy to play, playable on small tables in limited time, not numbers-heavy)

* * * * *

You won't be expected to do layout duties and such.
Likewise, this task is well suited even if you speak English as a second language, as I expect that wording, phrasing etc. will be touched up and edited by myself.

All payment is on a percentage of sales. For adaptations/conversions, you get a 50% cut of profits, after Wargame Vault takes their cut.

This is above what tends to be typical in the gaming industry, but is balanced out by being a small fish in a small market.

A typical NWG game sells 200-500 copies, depending on appeal and genre. A supplement or niche product may sell 50-100 You can do your own math from there.

For new projects, we'll discuss before we begin.

Let me know on G+ or through if you are interested.

If you are already working on scenarios, I am still interested in those :)

General progress.

Usurper has seen quite a few readability improvements recently.
Tables are being (slowly) replaced with more readable ones, as well as adding more explanations.

I love the game, but the release got mangled a bit and it took me forever to track down a backup of the file.

If you bought the game, make sure to re-download your file.

* * * * *

Five Men at Kursk is proceeding nicely. Working through the special rules/exceptions right now (weather, demolitions etc.), then vehicles will be tackled soon.

If you fancy writing a few words about it on your blog, let me know, and I can fling you a preview.

* * * * *
Kicking around ideas for a 20th century version of LaserStorm. World war 2 or cold war?

I actually pitched that as an idea to one of the bigger publishers involved in wargaming, but haven't heard back.
If January passes with no response, I may just pursue it on my own.

I think there's definitely a market for a 6mm centric game with a lot of toys, using fairly conventional attack/saving throw mechanics.

Of course, that would mean trying to assign stats to real life guns.. something I hate with the fury of a thousand suns.

* * * * *
Sorting out Precursor unit sizes and points values for LaserStorm today.
I've resolved that I think I need to break the Clash and LaserStorm army lists up into separate things. Trying to do both at the same time is killing me, and people weren't as receptive to it.

I sort of figured the same people played both, but I think that may not be correct.

* * * * *
With 2016, I may experiment a bit with pricing.
I am noticing that comparable games to mine tend to charge 1.5 to 2 times I do.

Being cheap is not a bad thing and there's always a balance between sales and profit, but I think I am under-cutting myself a little bit.

What is your "value" threshold for a 100 page game? 150? 50?

* * * * *

What is the next big project? (other than Five Men)

Who's to say. I'd like to do fantasy and I'd like to finish up the bug hunting game I have sitting.

I also have a mini-game project in mind, with a few rules people have sent to me.

Friday, 1 January 2016

What will be new in "Five Men at Kursk"?

This was actually written up a few days ago, but I forgot to post it :)

It seems like a fine first of January post though, so whatever.

So a quick run-down of what Five Men at Kursk will include, just for you lot :-)
First, what it will be, if you didn't play "Five Men in Normandy" (or FiveCore in general).
*Character-driven skirmish game. The typical game will be a squad (or thereabouts) with a few allies on the side.
*The game is intended to be played as a campaign, where your men gain new skills and try to survive the war.
*You will get plenty of tables to generate random missions, campaign events and whatnot, creating an interesting, unpredictable experience.
*A typical game plays in about an hour or so, occasionally quicker, and can be played on a 3x3 foot table no problem.
* * * * *
So is this a second edition?
No, not quite. It's a new version, and I think it'll be a better version, but it is going to make a fair number of deviations from the old FiveCore formula.
As such, I felt it made more sense to give it a new title, rather than make it a "second edition" or some such.
The goal was to both make the game leaner, meaner and more direct, and to tackle a few areas that tend to get people hung up (Cover, Scurrying, "a soldier is a soldier" being the big three).
* * * * *
So what is different from the original game?
*The turn sequence has been revamped. The idea is similar to the "Control dice" in the field guide.
Essentially, you roll a handful of dice and the old results (scurry, activation, fire fight) are now applied to individual figures.
*Leaders now provide limited bonus actions, based on their leadership style. So a tactically minded leader may provide a bonus move, while a more guts-n-glory guy may give a bonus fire action.
*The skill system is simpler now, providing specific bonuses to movement, firing and melee.
The core system still assumes "the generic soldier" with + ratings for better troops.
*Range and cover is more significant now. Being caught in the open will make your soldiers a lot less happy.
Pushing troops out of cover is harder too.
*Pinned/Hunkered down is consolidated into one thing.
*Campaign rules will be fleshed out more, with more possibilities and a bit more detail.
*There'll be a chance of extra troops arriving during a battle.
*Vehicle rules are built in (and will feature some gun/armour ratings). Still pretty straightforward though.
*Probably a bunch of other little things I am forgetting.

All in all, I hope this will be the most hard-hitting incarnation of the game so far, and the ideal one-stop shop for squad-level ww2 campaigning.
Hope you're excited!