Wednesday, 16 December 2015

FiveCore Field Guide available

As promised, December is FiveCore month

I am excited to present the FiveCore Field Guide, providing new options for FiveCore gamers at all game levels.

The field guide contains expanded rules material suitable for all FiveCore games (the 2nd edition skirmish rules, Five Men in Normandy, Company Command and Brigade Commander.
Within this supplement you will find:
*A new dice-driven turn sequence.
*A points-based experience system for campaign play.
*Non-combat skills and advancement, as well as additional motivation and background generation for characters.
*15 new weapons, gadgets and gun mods for skirmish games.
*"Firing Skill". A new system to quantify individual firing ability.
*"Assault Skill". A new system to quantify close combat ability.
*Revised (and somewhat less deadly) assault rules.
*Unit Discipline. A new system to distinguish individual unit morale.
*Suggested fire, assault and discipline ratings for major 20th century conflicts.
*A more random reaction system.
*A more detailed system for determining vehicle and gun ratings.
*An expanded stealth system, with more options for both infiltrators and sentries. Well suited for commando raids.

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