Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Coming in January

FiveCore returns to the muddy fields of the second world war.

Where do you keep your spare Bren gun magazines?

Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Christmas from the Fringe

Hope everyone had a great year and all the best gaming to you in the new year.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

FiveCore Field Guide available

As promised, December is FiveCore month

I am excited to present the FiveCore Field Guide, providing new options for FiveCore gamers at all game levels.

The field guide contains expanded rules material suitable for all FiveCore games (the 2nd edition skirmish rules, Five Men in Normandy, Company Command and Brigade Commander.
Within this supplement you will find:
*A new dice-driven turn sequence.
*A points-based experience system for campaign play.
*Non-combat skills and advancement, as well as additional motivation and background generation for characters.
*15 new weapons, gadgets and gun mods for skirmish games.
*"Firing Skill". A new system to quantify individual firing ability.
*"Assault Skill". A new system to quantify close combat ability.
*Revised (and somewhat less deadly) assault rules.
*Unit Discipline. A new system to distinguish individual unit morale.
*Suggested fire, assault and discipline ratings for major 20th century conflicts.
*A more random reaction system.
*A more detailed system for determining vehicle and gun ratings.
*An expanded stealth system, with more options for both infiltrators and sentries. Well suited for commando raids.


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Looking for a scenario writer

I am looking for someone interested in doing some limited writing and design work, for Nordic Weasel Games.

The products in question will be scenario booklets, for the FiveCore system (skirmish, Company Command or Brigade Commander).

The booklet will contain 5 scenarios, using forces that are relatively typical for the rules.
All 5 scenarios must be in a common period and setting.
At least 3 of the scenarios must have an interesting twist, circumstance or situation.

Ideally, each scenario will present 2-3 variant options for replay value or to adjust the strength of each side.

Each scenario must include:
*Simple map, if required. This can be in image or photo form.
*Setup instructions.
*TO&E for each side.
*Any relevant special rules for the scenario.

You may include a small “Special rules” section, ideally not exceeding 2 pages, if your scenarios require specific special rules to play, such as a winter campaign or a pulp adventure.

You must have knowledge and play experience of the FiveCore system.

You must carry out testing of the scenario yourself, though I will also test on my end.

You must be able to deliver the product in a rapid fashion and must be able to respond to email inquiries quickly and consistently.

Good writing ability is not required, I will do any relevant text rewrites for the published version.
You are not required to do layout and editing of the manuscript.
Simply provide it in plain document format, with any relevant maps as images.

You will be credited as the scenario designer, on the cover.
You will receive 50% of all revenue generated from sales of the scenarios. This can be negotiated, depending on the quality and scope of work submitted.

Payment is provided automatically through Wargame Vault and requires a Wargame Vault account.

I don't currently have alternate options, but if you are really not able to make that work, contact me and we can talk.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

December for NWG

The scope for December is:

A: Finally get the Precursor army book out.
If all goes well, I'd like to get NSIS units in the army books too, but that may be for January, along with the Warrior army book.

B: The Christmas release will be a compilation of goodies for FiveCore players. It'll cover all three scales of game and include things like a new turn sequence, a simple experience point system, tips for RPG'ers and other goodies.

C: I might try my hand at a crowd funding thing for an infiltration/special forces project I have in mind.
Conspiracies, super soldiers and elite organizations. Think "Metal Gear" in miniatures form.
I'll share a few thoughts later.

I'm usually inclined against crowd funding but I'll leave this up to general fan opinion.