Saturday, 28 November 2015

No Hope in Sight. Warband creation explained.

The big draw of No Hope in Sight (available here ) is the campaign rules so I figured I'd give you a run down of how a campaign turn might look, but to do that, we need to see how a warband might look.

The process is pretty quick, aiming for getting you playing games without too much fuss. You need a few handfuls of D6's.

* * *

To find the size of our warband, we roll three dice and pick the highest two.
We get 11, so a sizeable warband.

On the table, they'll form up into three groups of 3, 4 and 4, making for a nice tactical element.

* * *

Our warband needs some gear. We get 6 rifles automatically and then get to roll for additional stuff.
After much dice rolling, we end up with a total stash of:

7 rifles, 1 pistol, 1 shotgun, 1 bludgeon, 1 large blade and 1 light automatic.

That's a pretty respectable armament for exploring the wasteland. We give our leader the pistol and large blade, our second in command will get the shotgun and bludgeon, 1 trooper carries the automatic and the rest have rifles.

We also have a few supplies, namely 7 doses of "nanos" and 2 "stimpacks".
Nano-medical injections can give a figure a small speed boost while a stim pack can restore a wounded guy to fighting ability. Nice.

We must have looted a pre-war medical cache somewhere.

* * *
This step is optional but we want to add some character to our warband.

We grab a handful of D6 and roll for an identity to our warband.
The keywords we get are:
Motivation = Territory, Uniform = Sub culture, Structure = Hierachy, Reputation =Unknown.

Okay, so we're out to carve out our own turf, we're currently unknown in the wasteland, have a tight power structure with formal ranks and our visuals are patterned after some sub culture.

If I was creative, I'd probably make them the skate-surfer dudes.

We'll also flesh out two of our characters, in this case the boss and his second in command.
We don't need this, but it's nice for a bit of roleplaying.

The boss is Well Meaning, is motivated by Power, Is a Nihilist, has a Practical appearance, is of Moderate build and is an average Human.

Seems like a rough survivor type. He's made it this far by crawling to the top of the rubble piles, but he doesn't have much, if any, hope for the future of mankind.

His second hand man gets:
A Jovial outlook on life, is motivated by Survival, is Depressed, also dresses in a Practical manner, is Stocky and is an average Human.

A trust worthy guy who jokes around, trying to hide his deep despair at a world gone mad around him. Got some serious thousand-yard stare in this one.

With all this, we're ready to explore the wasteland.

The next post will detail how a campaign turn might go.

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