Monday, 30 November 2015

No Hope in Sight. Setting up a battle.

Setting up a campaign battle.

So in the last installment, we generated our warband, now it's time to carve out our turf.

Each turn in the campaign you pick what you want to do. Do you want to play a special scenario, devised by yourself or a GM? Fight against a friends warband? Set up a randomly determined enemy group to tussle with?

We're playing solo, so we'll go with the latter option.

To set up the encounter, we roll 3 dice. 
The game will be an Assault, we'll be fighting a group of scavengers and there will be 2 "points of interest" on the table.

Normally, we'd roll to determine who is the defender, but we'll put our warband as the defenders, since that gives us a good excuse to get revenge later.

We'll be facing off against 7 scavengers, 3 with rifles ,4 with junk weapons coming out to equal a pistol.
2 of them have a large blade in addition to their guns. None of them have grenades.

We outnumber them, though in an assault, they'll get a free turn to start, so it might be a more even fight than it might look.

To set up the terrain, we roll 3 dice again. 
The battle takes place in a ruined city, the key feature is war debris and there's no dangerous terrain features.
Sounds like rubble, old barbed wire and maybe some wrecked pre-war tanks here and there.

The whole process took maybe 5 minutes to go through, using simple 6 sided dice. Now we're on to set up our encounter and battle it out.

This could easily be bolted on to another set of game rules as well, of course.

Next installment will go through the post-game mechanics and how the campaign fits together that way.

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