Monday, 30 November 2015

A side project

Been puttering around with a small side project: A set of rules, guidelines more like, for narrative "Matrix" style games.

A narrative wargame tends to have very few rules. You talk out what happens, maybe make an appropriate roll once in a while.
They are often decided by a GM but can also be played solo or as a co-operative exercise.

Warstory will be my own take on the genre. It'll feature a few simple tables (easy enough to fit on an index card) and various tools for running that style of game.

Great if you are in a story-telling mood and want to still push some miniatures around a table, or if you want to add some warfare to an RPG campaign.

It'll be a micro-game so very short and quite cheap. It should be in your hands this week, if all goes well.

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