Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Update on the Unity army book.

The Fivecore character types will be:
Unity agent
Military veteran
Unity enforcer
Army grunt
Tax collector.

For Clash, the army units available will be:

5 characters (Platoon officer, Field agent, Operative, Specialist, Militia leader)

8 squad types (Army squad, Recon squad, Naval infantry squad, Banner assault squad, Hunter team, Militia squad, Reclamation team, Drop infantry section)

5 vehicles (Rattle Snake APC, Pit Viper IFV, Claymore medium tank, Longbow gun platform, Lion assault walker).

Banner troops are basically faux-space marines. Hard-hitting, well armoured elites.
Hunter teams are the types you send into a bug-infested colony.
Reclamation squads are over-zealous warbands employed on missions of liberation and colonial reclamation. Hopefully their courage will make up for their lacklustre training.

I erred on the side of not having a ton of options for each infantry squad, to make them feel a bit more realistic. There'll be a few options to customize some of them though.

Unity also fields three new weapons: The Flak gun (a high powered shotgun which has aim assist against heavy armour targets), the Chain launcher (a single shot weapon firing a burst of 3 rockets) and the Storm rifle (highly efficient small arm for Banner troops).

All in all, Unity ground forces feel pretty conventional, with a few colourful units thrown in. The overall focus is that of modest but professional soldiers, sent to tackle the dangers of the galaxy.
Vehicles lean towards "simple and functional" as well.

Tomorrow, I'll sort out the points values and then get started on the laser storm counterparts, as well as the alien counterparts to our unity boys and girls.

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