Friday, 9 October 2015

Unity and Laserstorm

As the Unity army list is coming together, a few snippets for you:

Each army book will have its own task force lists. The Unity one aren't terribly different from the core rules.
The options are Infantry, Armour and Scout (which are as you might expect) for the main forces.

Naval infantry has less infantry and no light vehicle slot but more field guns, in keeping with the fact that Unity naval infantry tend to rely on support weapons.

You get a "Local Defence" option, which allow you to take quite a bit of cavalry for that rustic, militia feeling.
Lastly, the super heavy unit is called "Liberators" and has the usual pile of Super Heavy and Behemoth slots.

Task Forces can pick from the core rule asset choices or one of a few new ones, reflecting Unity doctrines and fighting styles: "Local Volunteers", "Tactical Withdrawal" and "Repair team".

In campaigns, there are also two new campaign assets available: "Fall Back in Good Order" and "Combined arms" which gives Unity expeditionary forces some improved coordination.

Unit-wise, Unity forces are fairly conventional. You can use hard-hitting elite Banner troops to spearhead your attack but the rank-and-filers are well armed but fairly rudimentary troops.
The addition of Light Troops with poor weapons but a +1 to assaults, Stubborn and improved morale is a nice touch, representing a mixture of local planetary militia and fanatic "Reclaimer" volunteers.

Vehicles are all ground based: Either tracks or walkers, with a few wheel options in there.
Unity does maintain limited grav forces but those will be added at a later date. Incidentally, this allows quite a few modern and even repainted/converted ww2 figures to be pressed into duty.

Only one type of super-heavy tank, which will be a gun platform, similar to the Epic Baneblade.

For Behemoths, you get two: The slower, heavier, gun based Paladin and a faster Squire, which is specialized in hunting down enemy super heavies.

All in all, Unity forces will play as a fairly conventional army (which is the intention). They have some light, fast troop options but the main weight of the army is in fire power and a cautious advance towards the objectives.
This should put them in a nice middle ground, compared to the other aliens coming.

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