Monday, 5 October 2015

Next in the pipe: Army lists!

Before the next big gaming project, I want to address one of the biggest demands: Army lists.

A lot of people want ready-to-play units and a lot of them.

So I am taking some time to do that, and also try out something new.

Currently, I am working on the first army book for the Fringe-Space setting.

This will cover Unity (human empire) forces and will have the following:

*Fluff and background setting for the people who want that. (about 12 pages worth)

*5 quick characters for FiveCore gamers, that can be fitted into pretty much any scenario.

*Some tables to generate random Unity colonies for skirmish scenarios and RPG inclined players.

*Clash on the Fringe players get a few new unit traits and weapons, specific to Unity forces as well as the Totally Official For Real army list for Unity armed forces (in total 5 characters, 8 squad types and 5 vehicles).

*Laserstorm players will also get an army list for their game, covering large-scale Unity warfare. Not sure about the unit count yet, but my guideline is something like 5 types of infantry, 10 or so vehicle types, 3 super heavies and 1 or 2 behemoth units.

You'll also get a few new Task Force Commander assets and campaign assets, befitting Unity forces.

* * * * *

So that's pretty bananas right? Rules for 3 game systems AND some fluff to go along with it.
I am not including No Stars here, mainly because the game is getting revised in the near future.
Besides, with PDF, I can always go back and add in more content later.

The various alien races will get theirs too, in turn.

There's a persistent demand for ready-to-play stuff and particularly people coming from games like Epic and 40K, there's a desire for some army lists to play by.
Since the games all include unit builders to begin with, I feel the scenario focused players will be fine (and popular new options may make it back into the core rules as well, over time).

But just in case, if you all have to look back after Clash on the Fringe 9th edition is released and requires the exclusive use of my proprietary 42mm miniatures, you can all pull up this old blog post and say that it started here and you totally called it!

Peace and Love

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