Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A glance at the Unity army list for Clash on the Fringe

Alright, so this is also a breakdown of how the army lists will work.
I am trying to avoid having a lot of required/limited units, though there will be a few such instances.

The idea is to be able to put together your force more or less as you want.

All Unity troops have the ability to form fireteams. The way this works is you can break one of your squads into two equal parts, when you set up. They will act completely independently during the game (similar to the old space marine combat squad rule in 40K).

If you are outnumbered, you can break up two squads.

Your force can include any number of squads. Every squad entitles you to also include a character and a vehicle.

You can also bring allied forces, once those books are ready.
Unity forces can draw on Precursor, Soulless, Feral, Engineer and Manipulator troops.

When adding allies to a force, you can only use units designated as "Ally" troops. That'll generally be the basic grunt types of that force, to keep things in check a little bit.

Allied troops can't exceed the number of "native" units.

There are five character types provided.
You can take multiple of the same kind. One can be upgraded to Hero status.

Platoon officers are the standard leader type. Well armed and armoured (whether through power armour or plain gnarly officer syndrome), they can be leaders up to rank 3.
In games with at least 2 characters and 2 squads, one guy HAS to be a platoon officer.

Field agents are special agent types. They may be leaders and can have traits selected from the main rulebook, so they let you build a wide range of characters. Relatively lightly armed though.

Operatives are sneaky commando types. They can be kitted out as assault troops or snipers and have a suite of stealth related traits, including Shadow which gives them a free 1" move (without reaction fire) when activating in cover.
It's intended for things like popping out from behind a corner to take a shot, without taking any reaction shots.

The Specialist is a plain trooper but can be fielded as a comms specialist, medic, tank hunter, sharp shooter or low level psionic. Good for providing some additional support along the way.

Lastly, the Militia leader can be picked if you have any Militia in your force. He can move pretty quickly through terrain but is otherwise an option for a cheap, simple leader.

The basic Army squad is plain, simple and dependable. Bog average profile, 2 SAW per 8 man squad and they have access to some anti tank fire power.
This is very much intended as the backbone of your force.

Recon troops fight in 4 man teams and make up for limited firepower (and no heavy weapons) with additional stealth traits.

Naval Infantry are well disciplined troopers with a different weapon load out (replacing a SAW for a fusion gun).
They can be outfitted for close quarters combat with sub machine guns or the new Flak gun.

Banner assault squads are basically Unity space marines. Good stats, heavy armour, fast and with the powerful Storm rifle. These are frontal assault troops, plain and simple.

Hunters form 5 man squads, armed with close quarter weapons and backed by a flame thrower and a chain gun. These guys go in to chase down bugs in dirty holes, so they have slightly better morale and armour.

The Militia gives you an option for cheap junk troops. They're lightly equipped but they do get a small speed bonus and can move through terrain quickly.
They also deploy 3" forward of your deployment zone, so they can sometimes grab a terrain feature just outside your setup area.

Reclamation teams are basically pro-human zealots. Unity recruits volunteers when they launch an anti-slavery or other liberation attack. They have low training, weak armour and terrible discipline but very high morale (and the berserk trait means they don't test morale in close combat).

Lastly, drop troops are heavily equipped with anti-tank and anti-infantry weapons and get a 30% chance to deploy using the Dive rule from the core rules, even if the scenario doesn't permit it.

The Rattle Snake is a plain APC. Very high safety score, can port 9 figures and mounts a choice of HMG, chain gun or grenade launcher. Modest armour.

The Pit Viper IFV reduces capacity by one but has a bit more armour.
It features a turret autocannon and can mount an optional rocket launcher as well.

The main tank of Unity is the Claymore medium tank. Solid protection, if unimpressive speed, this is built for simplicity of maintenance. It mounts a medium cannon and a pair of machine guns and gets a 30% chance to ignore immobilization or other movement reductions, due to the rugged design.

The Longbow is a lightly armoured, tracked gun platform, mounting a beam cannon.
Essentially, think of this as a futuristic tank destroyer.

Lastly, the Lion assault walker is pretty much a warhammer Dreadnought. Thick armour and a pair of arm weapon mounts, each mounting a choice of weapons. It adds machine guns or mortars on the shoulder, allowing it to act as close range artillery support.

Hope that sheds a bit more light on things and should let you start prepping your miniatures.

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