Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No End in Sight revision

As the revision to NEIS goes on, here's a summary of the changes.

As mentioned before, none of these are final so please test them before panicking :-)

Once things finalize, any changes will of course be ported over into NSIS as well.

*Terms are made more consistent throughout the rules.

*Turn and phase have been reversed. A turn is a number of phases, with a phase being one activation roll.

*Squads can be rated as experienced, in addition to their troop class.

*Permanent stress is gone. You just remove 3 stress at the end of the turn.

*Professionals do not ignore command distance. Instead, pro squads have an assistant leader and may measure from either their assistant or squad leader.

*Group actions are official now. They also don't suffer penalties any more (prior, group fires were shock only)

*Take command can affect up to 3 figures close together.

*Exact rules for timing action resolution and terrain features.

*Base move is now 4".

*Troops can rush at the players discretion, even if out of sight. Troops in sight and out of cover must rush as before.

*Failing a rush does not pin you automatically. You are instead fired upon. Makes reaction fire a tad less powerful.

*Experienced troops rolling a 1 for rush distance may choose to remain in place.

*There are no longer a minimum kill dice rule.

*Irregular troops now just suffer a pin for every 1 on hte shock dice (instead of the old ammo rule).

*Experienced firers get an extra kill die for every 6 on the kill dice.

*Cover saves now depend on the terrain features.

*Experienced figures reroll cover saves of a 1.

*Two degrees of body armour now in the rules.

*Pinned figures that fail panic checks retreat 6" instead of being removed.

*When firing, groups in cover do not count Pin results when taking morale checks, only casualties and wounded.

*If a morale check fails, retreat distance is 3" plus dice roll.

*Failed morale checks cause pin results equal to dice roll.

That's it so far.

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