Saturday, 12 September 2015

FiveCore Company Command updated

With work on LaserStorm proceeding at a fever pitch (or maybe that's just the infernal late summer Oregon heat), I found time to update a few things in Company Command.

Your Wargame Vault copies have been updated automatically.

Notable rules changes:

Storm trooper specialists now just give a +1 to assault rolls, assault squads win on a draw, enclosed vehicles cannot be rallied by moving a squad into contact (that was never supposed to be the case, but it wasn't clear in the rules).

Rifle squads with no LMG cannot reaction fire over 12”. Squads with no automatics at all assault at -1, if enemy does have them (relevant for russian civil war or spanish civil war games in particular)

First turn, player may select to Scurry automatically.

Fireteam basing now in core rules.

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