Thursday, 18 June 2015

Battle Pack issue 3 on it's way.

A quick run-down of what you can expect in the third issue of the Battle Pack zine.

Previous issues available here

You will get:
*Black powder skirmish rules for FiveCore

*No less than 3 No Stars in Sight scenarios from the talented Nate Weber (also very compatible with other platoon level scifi rules. Converting them to Stargrunt, 5150 or Tomorrow's War shouldn't be terribly hard)

*An article about game design and questions to ask yourself before you start, by yours truly.

*A really cool hobby article about how to make a grid board for fantasy skirmish games and dungeon crawls.

*Rules mods to play platoon level games in FiveCore skirmish.

*Campaign rules for the Battle Hack fantasy rules (beta rules in the 2nd issue)

*More alien races for FiveCore Company Command players (Swift and Precursors)

*A random generator to roll up an alien infestation scenario. Suitable for any scifi rules.

*More background fluff for the "Fringe-space" setting.

*A random fantasy hero generator, suitable for most any fantasy skirmish game or RPG

*An article about the process and economics of sculpting 6mm science fiction figures.

*And if all goes well, a mini-campaign for ww2 North African commando actions.

If you are really nice, I'll even squeeze in a beta version of a micro armour game I am working on.