Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Small updates

Company Command has seen some updates, adding a "platoon moves" option. This is similar to how group moves work in the "In Sight" system:
Essentially, you can order up to 3 elements within 6" of each other for 1 activation, provided they all move (and don't fire) or all fire (and don't move).

They have to move to / fire at targets within 6" of a focus point you select.

The scifi expansion will get some small updates too, to cover some more tech gadgetry. Mostly dealing with comm's differences and how infantry interact with each other at different tech levels (mostly very unpleasantly, I might add).

This should make high tech vs low tech battles a lot more brutal and will bring the infantry rules a bit more in line with the tank ones.

Other news:
I've noticed that I've gotten a small fan club on one of the 4chan boards of all places.

Hi guys!
I'll refrain from joining you since I waste enough time on the internet as it is, but I thought I'd give you a shout-out.

Don't forget to hit me up if you want to publish something for FiveCore or In Sight. We'll make it happen.
The conditions you have to follow are really simple and super-lenient.

Next big project:
I'll talk about it soon.

The narrative game is coming along well, though it makes me a bit nervous because I have no idea if there's a market for it. I think there is though.

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