Friday, 15 May 2015

Call for submissions!

So reception of the first “Battle Pack” ‘zine was pretty positive, and I am intending to move forward with a regular feature.
So this is your chance:
If you have stuff you’d like to see featured, hit me up.
Here’s what I am looking for:
A: Stuff that’s relevant to Nordic Weasel Games (since well, it’s me doing it).
That can mean scenarios, optional or house rules, characters, units, troop stats etc. for FiveCore, In Sight, Clash or other stuff.
AAR’s are fine if they have some effort put in, are easy to follow and do NOT appear elsewhere? (or the version for the zine is the full version and you have a teaser elsewhere).
B: Stuff that’s relevant to all wargamers everywhere.
Generic tables, how to write a scenario, your amazing essay on infantry tactics in the late fall of 1917 on the northern edge of the French sector of the Western Front, generic scenarios etc.
Generic WW2 or cold war scenarios are fine, provided they can be translated into Fivecore or In Sight terms fairly easily (I can help with that).
C: Cool stuff.
You draw? You can write? Something else cool? If it’s wargame related, it’s probably cool.
I’d love to showcase people’s talents a bit.
D: Original creations.
If you have mini-games you’ve written and never done anything with, I’d love to feature them as well. They should be playable and reasonably complete and fit in under 10 pages where possible.
I am NOT looking for stuff that is directly related to other, existing games (because well, it’s my thing :-) ).
If this interests you, let me know here or by email.
If you email me, be specific with what you are interested in doing, then we can discuss specifics.
Anything submitted remains your property, except that I gain the ability to publish it in one issue of the Battle Pack zine.
We can discuss additional terms as you see fit.
If you don’t want to submit things for free, We can set up a split of the sales profits through wargamevault.
Generally, this will only be available for submissions exceeding 2 standard pages. The split will be the percentage of the total zine you supplied. (figuring 30-40 pages total as planned).
This is very much an amateur labour of love, but I like the idea of bringing back the homemade ‘zines of old. So if you’re interested, hit me up!

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