Friday, 17 April 2015

How much stuff will be in StarStrike?

Ya'll tired of me talking about it?

You can start badgering me about the next project :)
6mm something but what? ww2? Scifi?

Anyways, a quick count:

11 basic troop types (from gang member to elite assassin)
9 basic armour types
20 character traits that can be applied to a unit or individual.
5 character traits specific to leaders.
5 character traits specific to psionics
23 infantry weapons
8 close combat weapons
14 heavy weapons
6 grenade types
5 types of anti-tank charges (though they mostly differ in strength)
9 items of equipment
21 vehicle profiles split across 6 types (wheel, track, walker, strider, grav, floater)
8 vehicle upgrades
5 unique human troop types
14 alien races
8 psionic powers
5 monster profiles
4 hostile plant types
5 animal types

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