Sunday, 26 April 2015

Houston, we have a problem

As the game that was going to be called StarStrike nears completion, there's a list of things I always check through:
One of them is making sure I won't find myself in legal trouble or step on anyone's toes.

Unfortunately, it transpires that there is indeed an existing product called StarStrike, a supplement for the old Spacemaster RPG.

That's a little too close for comfort, which means finding a new title.

"Cosmic Strike" is not taken, from what I can tell, though it may sound too much like a spaceship game (though to be fair, so did StarStrike)

Other possibilities that have come to mind:

Frontier World Encounters

Unified Space Territory

Beyond the Perimeter

Elimination Principlie

Any suggestions?
I'd prefer avoiding a title that is "xxx and yyy" (ala Dungeons and Dragons).

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