Monday, 30 March 2015

Various other StarStrike factoids

A few other things that has come up or is likely to:

*The tone is what I'd call "semi-hard scifi space adventure". Traveller, Laserburn, early 40K. That'll give you a pretty good idea.

* The game is aimed at a release by the end of April if all goes well. Later, if things drag out.
I like to keep cycles short but obviously everything has to fall into place well and I want to make sure I feel good about the game.

*The rules will include a points system where you can create your own units by selecting from a pretty good range of troop types and an expansive armoury.

Points are intended for guidance, rather than hardcore tournament play.

*The official setting will be a suggestion rather than a mandate. It'll incorporate the setting of Five Parsecs From Home with the alien races from No Stars in Sight.
This is what I refer to as the "weasel-verse".

*There won't be a random force generator this time around.

*You will be able to design your own vehicles.

*Basic campaign rules will be included. They'll probably be fairly simple but will allow some continuation for players who like to portray the same troops in consecutive battles.

*Alien races will be based on the ones from No Stars in Sight. This means 10 or 11 critter types corresponding to a pretty good selection of classic alien archetypes, with heavy roots in things like Mass Effect, Traveller and other classic games and worlds.

*A decent selection of rules for scifi battlefields like low gravity, hostile environments and other strangeness.

*Miniatures depicted in the rules will include Armies Army and Angel Barracks.

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