Monday, 30 March 2015

StarStrike part 4: Dakka dakka

After a hectic weekend, here's part 4 of the upcoming StarStrike rules: How to shoot people!

Rather than delve into a blow by blow of everything, I'll just share the highlights:

* Weapons have two range bands: Assault range and Aim range.
Some unit orders limit you to firing at assault range.
Assault range gives a hit bonus
Stationary troops increase their Aim range (by their Training score).

Shots beyond Aim range are un-aimed and have a flat 10% chance of hitting.

*All attacks have a 10% chance of forcing the target to go "Heads Down".
Figures that take a hit but survive also go Heads Down.

*Most weapons cause an area of effect. For an assault rifle, it's 1" wide and 3" deep. This forces you to spread out.

*Explosives can go all over the place. Troops hit by explosives can attempt to hit the dirt and if your men are very disciplined, a trooper could even throw themselves on the grenade, though that usually means curtains for that trooper!

*Weapons are fairly deadly. A soldier wearing light armour has about a 60% chance of becoming a casualty from an assault rifle.

*Weapons can have different traits, such as different ammo types, increased suppression, heavy etc.

*The rules include options for heavy weapon teams with multiple crew members.

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