Saturday, 28 March 2015

StarStrike part 3: Moving about

I was curious if I should do a section on movement rules since they're usually one of the least exciting parts of a game.

But I have a lot of stuff to get done today, so I figure I might go cheap and just do that :-)

When a unit is activated, they can move and fire (assuming their orders permit so)

Figures can fire before or after they move, so if I activate a squad of 5 troopers, I might fire 2 of them, then move everybody, then take the remaining 3 shots.

Each figure has a movement Speed, determining by the armour worn, typically around 5 inches. Difficult ground and obstacles is a movement reduction (1" used to enter/exit rough terrain or climb a low obstacle).
Nice and quick.

Individual figures get a +1 movement bonus, heroes get a +2 (which stacks with the individual bonus).
Certain figures may also have traits that let them move further.

There's no inherent "double time" option. I may revisit that but I feel pretty good about the movement rates as they are right now, particularly on a smaller table.

If a unit needs to move faster, the leader can use some of his order points as well. Each order spent on movement will let one figure take an additional full move.
Handy for getting a particular trooper in the right firing position.

Bullets everywhere:
Movement is of course interdicted by reaction fire.

Each unit has a zone of control, which is twice their Discipline score, typically 8-12". If enemies move within that distance, they are subject to reaction shots though such fire has a pretty low chance of hitting anything (essentially 10% chance of a hit, 10% chance of a pin).

Units that are concerned about it can use the Prowl and Evade orders to move more cautiously and avoid taking reaction shots.

A unit can be given the Alert order,which lets them reaction fire anywhere in their line of sight though it doesn't increase the hit chances.

Essentially, reaction fire is a persistent risk but a manageable one. A unit with a few enemies in sight can't wander about as they please but they are not doomed if they try to move out either.


Tomorrow, we'll tackle shooting people and how they respond to being shot :-)

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