Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Scifi skirmish playtest rules

While other projects continue in the background, I've been working on something that might be of interest.
It's a scifi skirmish game, in that nebulous "around platoon size" level.

Individual figures, fairly conventional mechanics (alternating activations with a bit of a twist), each figure fires individually.
Some suppression is built into the mechanics and most weapons produce an area of effect.

Squad leaders can issue orders that can push troops to move faster, fire more shots or get them back on their feet.

The aim is a relatively conventional scifi game with a few clever bits that will, eventually, be able to accommodate most any scifi figures, including the more "space fantasy" lines out there.

Take it as my attempt to write a new Rogue Trader.

If you are interested in taking a look and, more importantly, putting a few miniatures on the table and seeing what happens, take a peek.

Dropbox link here

If you have issues with dropbox, email me and I'll send directly.

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