Tuesday, 3 March 2015

FiveCore rules clarifications: Overlap in kill and shock dice

Kicking someone that's down is a nasty thing to do but all is fair in wargaming :)

So what happens if multiple Shock or Kill dice results take effect:

The multiple effects are due to one attack:
If I fire upon you, and roll more than one result, the most severe is applied and the rest are either transferred to nearby figures or ignored.

6's take precedent over 1's and Kill dice takes precedent over Shock dice.

I roll a Knock Down and a Bail. The target is Knocked Down and the closest figure within 6" Bails (if any are present).

I inflict status effects on a unit already subject to one:
For example, if I shoot on a unit that is Down or Bailed.

In unit based FiveCore games (Company Commander and the upcoming Brigade Commander), you apply all movement based effects (from Shock Dice), then the unit becomes subject to the most severe effect applicable and all other effects are ignored.

From most to least severe:
*Knock Down/Damage
*Hunkered Down

If I shoot at a squad that is Down and force them to Bail, they will retreat as per a Bail result, then resume being Down.
They are not Down AND Bailed. If they recover from being Down, they are fully recovered.

Individual models:
If the target is an individual model (FiveCore skirmish games or vehicles in Company Commander), the Knock Down/Damage status takes precedent and prevents any retreats from taking place.
Once Knocked Down, Shock dice do not impact the unit any further.

Harsh option:
Players may elect that forcing a Knocked Down/Damaged unit to Bail will eliminate it from the game.

Walk it off:
Inflicting a Knock Down/Damage result on a unit already in that status has no additional effect. The effects are not cumulative.

* * * * * 

The upshot of all this is that units can only ever suffer from one status effect at any given time.

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